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Rumor: Brooklyn Nets reached out to Hawks about Paul Millsap, also want Jeff Teague

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's NBA trade rumor season, so buckle up, everyone. And, you'll want to make sure those belts are super tight when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets, who are without a GM or a head coach at the moment, and not much of a future to speak of. It seems as if everyone and anyone is on the table, and everyone and anyone has a solution on how to fix the team -- hence, the rumors!

The latest rumor to hit the, well, airwaves, comes from Alan Hahn of ESPN Radio and MSG Network who told the Michael Kay Radio show on Thursday that the Brooklyn Nets have reached out to the Atlanta Hawks about trading for All-Star Paul Millsap and highly covet point guard Jeff Teague.

This is a tough one. Of course the Nets covet Jeff Teague, since they don't have a starting point guard on their roster. And of course they'd want Millsap, who just turned 31 years old and is among the top scoring power forwards in the NBA.

The problem is, of course, assets. The Nets really have none. Would the Hawks, who are reportedly looking to make some moves at the deadline, take on Joe Johnson's expiring contract and in order to get out of Millsap's remaining contract (two years, $41 million)? It doesn't seem so likely.

You never know, though. They might covet the cap space and the Nets might be willing to take back Millsap, if they believe that they can't hit a home run in free agency this summer.

Then again, they have a GM vacancy to fill first. That would seem to be the priority. And, of course, as we'll hear a hundred times over after this piece is live -- teams make calls about good players, of course they do.