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How soon a GM? Hard to tell, but unlikely this weekend

Brooklyn Nets

Mikhail Prokhorov wouldn't say much about the team's GM search when approached by Mike Mazzeo Wednesday night at Barclays Center.

Prokhorov left after the third quarter --no wonder-- and as he did, Mazzeo asked how things were going.

"We've finished our first round of homework, now we're onto the second -- the short list." he said. As we noted overnight, he gave no indication of the length of the "short list" or whose names are on it. Nor did he provide a deadline for completing the process.

The committee he chose to help him find a replacement for Billy King isn't talking at all.  But league sources tell NetsDaily that fans should not expect any announcement soon ... unless it takes place later today.  Here's why: the NBA frowns on teams trying upstage the All-Star Break with major announcements: hiring or firing key personnel, trading anyone etc.  It is considered bad form, a no-no.

And there may be more interviews of candidates on the "short list."  Prokhorov is in town next week for the HSS Training Center ribbon-cutting.  Alex Raskin tweets...

So, don't expect to hear anything until after All-Star Weekend ends on Sunday night.  Of course, Woj or Marc Stein or any of the other beat or national writers could break it online or on TV.  But an announcement, we are told, is unlikely.

The search has indeed been thorough, with the committee gathering recommendations from various sources, then inviting candidates for interviews the last three days before compiling what Prokhorov calls the "short list."