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Bobby Marks on Brooklyn Nets: "Settle on some leadership"

Crain's Business

Will the Nets have a GM in place before the February 18 trade deadline?  Adrian Wojnarowski says that's the plan and league sources say while the Nets have not decided on who will replace Billy King, it is possible, but not certain.

So Bobby Marks, formerly of the Nets and now of Woj's Vertical, offers some ideas on what the Nets could do at the deadline but advises, Brooklyn needs to settle on some leadership before addressing the future.

He follows the format he's set up for every team, breaking rosters down into "Hang Up If They Ask About..." and "Worth Taking the Call."  In the first category, he lists only Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Chris McCullough, praising RHJ's unique"length and ability to guard four positions" and raving about CMC's all-around game, noting, "if McCullough had stayed at Syracuse, he would have been a sure bet to be a top-15 pick in June’s NBA draft."

Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young and Bojan Bogdanovic come under the "Worth Taking the Call."  Of Lopez, he writes,  "Still in the prime of his career, Brooklyn should listen if its assets can be replenished." And of Young, he notes, "A first-year salary of $11.2 million should appeal to teams looking for an athletic power forward."

BUT Marks notes, what of the vacuum at the top?

The Nets, who are in the middle of a shift within the front office, face a trade-deadline dilemma. Does the current management in place have authority to make a deal, or does it hold onto its cards and wait until a new general manager is in place?

Under "Inside Information,"  Marks thinks we could see a small deal, perhaps a trade involving Sergey Karasev to open up a roster spot.  We'll be watching

In a second piece, Marks talks about what NBA front offices do as the deadline approaches.