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Brook Lopez really liked his Chewbacca bobblehead on Star Wars Night

In case you didn’t know by now, Brook Lopez is a huge Star Wars fan and for the second straight year, the Brooklyn Nets handed out Brook Lopez Star Wars bobbleheads for Star Wars Night.

Last year he was a Jedi. This year he was Chewbacca or "Chew-Brook-A".

After a 116-111 win over the Denver Nuggets, Brook took some time to appreciate his Chewbacca bobblehead.

"It's a good look. I've always felt I'm part Wookie, but the thing I noticed most was that he takes really good care of his hair," Lopez said as he analyzed his Chew-Brook-A bobblehead. "There's a lot of product in there. I think he takes pride in it. It's almost like a mullet. It's like they took my curls, straightened it, and then they, I don't know; shaped it, teased it and slicked it back into this nice little mullet thing. It's very Wookie like."

Then, he was asked if he prefers being a Jedi or Chewbacca. His answer couldn’t have been any better.

"You know what, I was talking to our trainer. I was thinking of the next one and it's a combination of both. A Wookie-Jedi. Like Lowbacca the Wookie-Jedi! Let's look that up guys (goes through phone). Did I mention him in my task on the Jumbotron? Did I mention Lowbacca? Yeah there's Lowbacca! (Points to his phone). Jedi-Wookie. Yeah. Mhm. That's where we go next, alright?'"

In case you didn’t see the bobblehead:

He said some more stuff pertaining to Lowbacca and lightsabers. You can give it a listen below (starts at 3:00).