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Vaulet wants to show Nets what he can do

Juan Pablo Vaulet in Nets cap Brooklyn Nets

In an interview with an Argentine basketball blog just before he left for Brooklyn, Juan Pablo Vaulet says he’s looking forward to getting to know the Nets new leadership and expects to work out with team personnel ... and get an idea what the Nets think of him.

Vaulet, the Nets only stashed draft pick, will spend six days, starting Tuesday, with the Nets, taking advantage of a break in the the Argentine league schedule. He was drafted and stashed in 2015 by the Billy King regime, and has yet to meet Sean Marks, assistant GM Trajan Langdon or Kenny Atkinson, he said.

“Since the draft, my rights have been held by Brooklyn” he told Basquet Plus. “But the leadership from that time has changed. So this trip offered me a chance to go to meet the new managers, talk about my situation and also show who I am.

“I hope they tell me a little about my situation, whether they are interested in me or not, what it is they want from me and what they see ... I do not have much an idea of what is going to happen. I will find out there.”

Before Marks and Langdon were hired last season, Vaulet had most of his dealings with Frank Zanin, King’s No. 2 ... and the executive who scouted him prior to the draft.

“The new people who are in charge of the franchise they do not know me personally and I do not know them either,” the 20-year-old continued. “So I'm going so they know who I am and we can get to know each other in a formal way. I have already talked a couple of times with these managers but very at a distance and by cell phone or the internet. Now is to get to know each other personally.”

Vaulet, a 6’7” swingman, was acquired by the Nets in a draft day trade with Charlotte in 2015, a deal that cost them $880,000 and two second round picks in 2019 and 2020. He suffered a stress fracture of his ankle a few days later while playing in a FIBA tournament in Greece. He came to New York in a walking boot, accompanied the summer league team to Las Vegas and underwent surgery in New York. He was out of action for four months. This is his first season in the last three where he’s been fully healthy. His trip will also include a medical check-up. Dr. Martin O’Malley of the Hospital for Special Surgery performed his surgery.

He expects most of his time will be spent working out —”training”— with the Nets staff. He expects to attend Nets games, presumably starting Wednesday. “I will be with the team,” he said. Vaulet also expects to renew his friendship with fellow Argentine Luis Scola who told NetsDaily in preseason that he “believes” in Vaulet’s talent and character.

He believes he can make it in the NBA.

“The subject is always on my mind,” he told Basquet Plus, admitting to anxiety about the trip. “But I understand that this is also an opportunity that I have to take advantage of and squeeze to the maximum. So I have to be calm and take it easy.”