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Dinwiddie’s three-year deal: multiple team options, trigger dates

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball Insiders reports that the contract Spencer Dinwiddie signed with the Nets on December 8 is a three-year deal, but has multiple team options and trigger dates. Such deals are common for D-League call-ups.

According to the data gathered by BI’s Eric Pincus, here’s the basics of the deal...

—Dinwiddie received a $100,000 guarantee on a salary of $726,672 which becomes fully guaranteed on January 10. That’s the date that all partially guaranteed deals in the league are fully guaranteed.

—His 2017-18 salary of $1,051,245 is non-guaranteed unless he participates in summer league and off-season conditioning. He receives a $50,000 guarantee through training camp. Then on October 31, 2017, opening night for the 2017-18 season, he gets another $250,000 on his deal. Once again, the deal is fully guaranteed Janury 10, 2018;

—Similarly, his 2018-19 salary of $1,125,816 is non-guaranteed until October 31, 2018, when a $250,000 guarantee kicks in. On January 10, 2019, the deal is once again fully guaranteed.

The Nets declined to provide details on the deal when they signed the 6’6” point guard.

The deal permits the Nets maximum flexibility and if Dinwiddie has any success, provides them with a bargain basement contract considering his salary in each of the three years won’t even amount to one percent of the NBA’s projected salary cap.

With recent minor moves, the Nets currently available cap space is $17,750,804, Pincus projects. That’s second in the league to the Denver Nuggets, who have about a million dollars more available. Brooklyn is about $9 million under the NBA’s salary floor. The Nets also have a room exception of $2,898,000 available, according to Pincus.