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Brook Lopez holds a record he wasn’t even aware of

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a fun fact we bet you didn’t know. Brook Lopez didn’t until Fred Kerber told him. Lopez has now played nine seasons with the Nets. That’s more than any player in team history ... ever.

Not in the ABA, not in the NBA, not in New Jersey, not in Brooklyn. Buck Williams played in eight. Lopez surpassed him this season.

“Ever? Really? That’s surprising. I knew I was up there but I figured there must have been some Net who was here at least 10 years,” Lopez told Kerber Thursday. “That’s crazy.”

Indeed, particularly when considering how many times he’s been in trade rumors. Bobby Marks told Woj on Wednesday’s “The Vertical” podcast that he came closest to being moved during the Dwightmare in 2012 and again in 2015 when the Nets tried to secure Reggie Jackson from the Thunder.

Trade rumors seemed to have slowed this year, or as Lopez joked Thursday, “Haven’t heard anything in like a whole day and a half.”

He does hold a number of Nets records over that time, or is closing in on them, but the one thing his coach appreciates is his leadership, which is can’t be quantified.

“I love the guy’s leadership,” Atkinson said. “We can be down 15 and he comes to every timeout with something positive to say, something to help the young guys. I just love his spirit. I love the guy’s attitude.”

Lopez says he enjoys the role ... and what Atkinson and Sean Marks have done with the team.

“There’s just a better feeling around here. Guys are coming in to work and we all understand our role and what we need to do,” Lopez said. “We accept responsibility and have accountability.”