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As season approaches, Long Island Nets branch out to the Island

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Although the Long Island Nets will not play its opening season in Long Island, they’ve picked up their efforts on the island to attract an audience.

The LI Nets started over the summer with small trips to basketball camps, notably Gus Alfieri’s All-American Basketball Camp in Syosset featuring Kenny Atkinson.

Then on Septermber 24, they hosted a local tryout at LIU Post in Brookville.

Plenty showed up, very few made it. One that did make it, however, was Brentwood’s own J.J. Moore — a well-known hooper on the Island who played a good portion of his college career at Rutgers University. Moore, along with others, will have a golden opportunity to impress brass in the big leagues. They’ll be playing at Barclays Center for the first season, along with practicing at HSS Training Center in Industry City, Brooklyn.

Their next stop was in Oyster Bay for Long Island’s annual ‘OysterFest’ on October 16. The festival usually attracts a large audience and it comes as no surprise that the Long Island Nets were in attendance.

Most recently, head coach Ronald Nored and company were at Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School in Brookville this past Saturday. LuHi is known for producing solid basketball talent, namely Tobias Harris who attended the school during his freshman and sophomore years.

It was an all day event for Nored and the Long Island Nets crew. They held a coaches clinic at 1pm, followed by a children’s clinic and then an intrasquad clinic to close out the event. Of course it was open to the public.

Things are taking shape fast and they continue to reach the Long Island audience. They have more events planned as the year goes on — especially before they make the full move to Long Island.

For now they’re a Brooklyn team, but they’re making necessary moves to build a fan base when the team resides at the Coliseum.