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Yahoo: Lin, Scola, Vasquez contracts all have bonuses

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Bobby Marks, who worked for the Nets for two decades before joining Yahoo! Sports, writes Friday that three veterans signed this summer have bonuses that will kick in, depending on a variety of milestones. The bonuses, both likely and unlikely, could add more than a million dollars to the Nets cap.

Marks, no relation to Sean Marks, writes...

This offseason the Nets signed free agents Jeremy Lin, Luis Scola and Greivis Vasquez, and each have bonuses in their contracts.

The bonuses for Scola and Vasquez are for 65 games, and Scola also needs to achieve benchmarks in rebounding.

Lin has bonuses for All-NBA honors and 61 games, along with statistical achievements.

Marks doesn’t offer details on the size of the bonuses or the nitty gritty of statistical milestones for Scola or Vasquez, but offers these specifics on Lin’s bonus package.

A calculator will be needed to figure out Lin’s incentives.

The point guard has bonuses for All-NBA honors, but also has three sets of incentives for games played, assists, turnovers, three-point percentage, three-pointers attempted and free throws attempted per 36 minutes.

Though each bonus was deemed unlikely by the NBA based on Lin’s statistics in Charlotte last season, the Nets starter could be in line for an additional $750,000 based on his solid start this year but he is battling a hamstring injury now.

Basketball Insiders does report that Scola has $500,000 in bonuses while Vasquez has $652,174 in bonuses.

Of the three, only Scola’s bonuses are considered “likely” because he achieved the statistical milestones last season in Toronto. The NBA determines cap hit of salaries based on whether the bonuses are “likely” or “unlikely” and that determination is mainly based on the player’s history.

For example, Scola’s bonus is carried on the Nets cap, making his salary $5.5 million; the other two are not.