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For the Nets, the daily medical report is the thing.

The Nets play the best team in the West Tuesday night, but at Monday’s practice, the discussion was mostly about ... the daily medical report. Bottom line: Jeremy Lin is making progress. So is Caris LeVert but Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s injury looks more serious.

Here’s some tweets from the beat writers —and the Nets— laying out the situation. First Laura Albanese of Newsday...

And Brian Lewis of the Post as well.

And the best news, a video of Caris LeVert’s pure stroke, soon to be seen at Barclays.

So there you have it. As Albanese writes Monday afternoon about specifics on any of them... “Reply hazy, try again.” She quoted Kenny Atkinson this way on Lin, days away from being out a month. “I wish I could give you more. He’s just working really hard, anxious” to return.

So we wait.

Meanwhile, Atkinson spoke of Isaiah Whitehead’s future once everyone is healthy. It suggested that the Nets are happy with the Seton Hall product and he’ll be Lin’s primary back-up.

“When Jeremy is back, he’ll kind of go into a backup role, so all this experience he’s getting playing against the top guys, when he’s slotted in a position as a backup, I can only think that’s going to help him. I can only think this is helping him progress, going to help him develop . . . We want better, but we’re seeing positive things and positive improvement.”

For added inspiration, the Nets had Michael Johnson, the gold-shoed Olympic champion in the 200 and 400, drop by. He made quite the impression on RHJ.

“He was so dedicated and so focused,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “Setting goals is the big thing . . . If I’m thinking about that every day it’s going to motivate you . . . How do I get myself where I want to be to get to my goal?