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How much longer for Lin return?

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Lin isn’t playing Sunday and there’s no date set for his return. Moreover, there were hints Sunday that it could be a while before he steps on the court.

In a Facebook video Saturday, Lin thanked his fans for all their prayers but gave no indication of when he might return. In fact, the setting of the video, a recovery session in what appeared to be his apartment suggested he’s not close.

Here’s what he said... his legs encased in Normatec Pulse attachments which use compressed air to massage athletes’ limbs after workouts or rehab.

What up, guys! Thank you for your prayers. I’m hoping to be back out there soon. 24 hour/7 rehab on the hamstring ... right now flushing out the legs, making sure I don’t have any soreness tomorrow.

He accompanied the post with a hashtag, #inGodstiming. The video has been viewed more than 140,000 times. It was his first Facebook post on his rehab since he left the Nets - Pistons game on November 2.

Meanwhile, Brian Lewis took a look at the schedule and thinks a return this week is unlikely. He notes that before Lin steps on the court at Barclays, he will have to return to practice first.

“Lin hasn’t resumed full practice yet. And with games upcoming Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, missing a month total seems a real possibility,” Lewis writes.

At the time Lin went down, the Nets said he would be re-evaluated in two weeks. After that re-evaluation, the Nets did not provide any timetable, other than that Lin was progressing.