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A D-League Thanksgiving with coach ... and his grandma


Does it get much better than this?

The Long Island Nets flew to Indiana Wednesday to prepare for a game Friday against the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. Their Brooklyn colleagues are also in Indiana to face the Pacers. And while both teams celebrated Thanksgiving together on the road, Ronald Nored’s charges may very well have had the better time.

Let him tell it...

That’s a lot of turkeys and stuffing for some growing boys. If you’ve ever seen Egidijus Mockevicius up close, you know of what we speak.

The coach’s forethought got some kudoes from his team.

And a “you’re welcome” from the coach...

(The team photo also gave us a hint that Boris Dallo —he’s the one with the nose bandage— seems okay after Wednesday’s collision.)

But to answer our initial question, Does it get much better than this? No, it does not.