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No timetable, but Caris LeVert practices for first time

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Caris LeVert at practice
Brooklyn Nets

Here’s another twist in the Nets point guard situation. Caris LeVert, the player the Nets drafted out of Michigan where he played some point guard, practiced Monday for the first time. Our Brian Fonseca was at the HSS Training Center...

LeVert, the 6’7” (Atkinson says 6’7 1/2”) combo guard, hasn’t played competitively in nearly a year. He suffered a fracture of his left foot last December at Michigan and underwent surgery in March at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. It was his third foot fracture, but this time, Dr. Martin O’Malley, the Nets’ foot and ankle specialist, reconstructed his foot, removing a bone from his hip and grafting it to the foot, improving its stability.

The Nets took LeVert at No. 20, a pick acquired from the Pacers in exchange for Thaddeus Young. The Nets also received a future second round pick in the deal.

LeVert, who has been practicing on a limited basis, was obviously happy with the development.

He told reporters that both mentally and physically, he’s fine.

There’s been speculation that with so much time off, LeVert may have to spend time with the Long Island Nets getting back into basketball shape. But that appears to be wrong, that LeVert will continue to practice with the NBA club.

Meanwhile, Lin was doing some shooting drills along with his teammates.