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Luis Scola talks with Woj about the world of basketball

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Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In a great, hour-long interview with Adrian Wojnarowski, Luis Scola talks about his 21 years as a professional basketball player, starting at age 15 in Argentina, Argentina's Golden Generation, how Manu Ginobili was overlooked early in his career, wanting to play for Spurs, the Rockets 22-game winning streak, adjusting to new teams, new places. One thing he likes about the Nets is that bikes around Brooklyn "when it's warm."

Scola also likes what Sean Marks is doing in the Nets rebuild.

"Even if we have a draft pick, i believe Sean and coach and everyone in the front office, they just want to build the right atmosphere for working and for winning," he said. "Doing it the right way, I kind of like that about this team."

He admits replicating the Spurs system will be very very difficult. But he noted that when he and other players arrive at HSS Training Center, there are 10 guys "waiting to help you. It doesn't get any better than that."

And what next? He jokes that teams will have to “call the police” to get him out of a practice facility but notes an interest in both playing in China ... and working in NBA front office.

Summing up his career, Scola told Woj, "I'm 36. I'm still here. It turned out great."