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For Nets and Rondae, it’s still early

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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson was on everyone’s sophomore breakout list. After missing 50 games to a broken ankle, RHJ looked like he would take the next step on offense this season, develop a three pointer maybe. He certainly worked on it.

It hasn’t happened. As Howie Kussoy of the Post writes Wednesday...

Despite averaging more than 25 minutes per game this season — four more than last season — Hollis-Jefferson’s scoring has slipped from 5.8 to 2.8 points per game. As a rookie, he shot 45.7 percent from the field — hitting 38.9 percent of jumpers and 28.6 percent on 3-pointers — and after shooting 1 of 7 from the field in a 30-point loss to the Bulls Monday, the 21-year-old enters Wednesday’s game against the Pistons hitting 21.1 percent from the field, having missed all four 3-point attempts.

Are the Nets worried? Kenny Atkinson says nope.

“He’s trying to fit in, he’s trying to learn a new offense, he’s playing with new guys different from last year,. I think where he is, it’s like when you’re a freshman in college and you have to do all the dirty work first to get to the candy and all the sweet stuff. Right now he’s got to be in the mud and rebounding and defending. His offensive game is gonna come with age and familiarity with the system. Right now we’re really pushing the focus on the defensive end

Hollis-Jefferson compares his offensive development to building a house, (but avoiding any mention of bricks).

“I feel like offense right now, it’s like building a home. You want to get that foundation started. I’m still young and I never was like the super offensive guy, so building that home it takes time. Once I get the base and the foundation down, I can start to add that cool furniture, those cool windows I want. Things will go much smoother.”

So for the time being, no one is panicking. Other than shooting, Hollis-Jefferson is an Atkinson type player. He runs, he passes, he rebounds, he’s unselfish. As the 21-year-old notes, developing a complete game is going take time.