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For Dallo, D-League a chance at the NBA, not necessarily the Nets

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Boris Dallo

The Nets drafted Boris Dallo, a 6’6” French point guard, in the first round of the D-League Draft, a bit of a surprise even to Dallo, who expected to go later.

“According to rumor, I expected to be taken in the second round,” Dallo told a French radio station the day after the October 30 draft. “There are six rounds in the D-League. Good for me, I hope it will be okay.”

Dallo is the Nets property for now, but he has his sights are set on an NBA career, not necessarily with Brooklyn ... and he is quite open about it. He likes what happened last year to another French star, Axel Toupan, who played with the Raptors D-League team, then he was called up by Denver for a couple of 10-day contracts and ultimately signed a long-term deal.

“I'm only 22 years old so I have my whole career ahead of me. We were all intrigued by the route chosen by Axel (Toupane),” he added. “I thought about the D-League right after my season in Antibes. I went there (to the U.S.) with the goal of being drafted...

He has already played for four years in Europe, contributing to winning programs.

“[To some,] it seems like a mistake because the D-League is somewhat frowned upon . because of the level[of competition], little media coverage. But there is a different visibility. NBA teams are watching you every game. There are scouts everywhere. Me, this is what I was looking for the moment.”

Not surprising that someone like Dallo sees the D-League as a stepping stone to an NBA club, any NBA club. That’s why the D-League is constructed the way it is, both as a vehicle for an NBA team to develop their own assets and a market matching teams with players. That market doesn’t really open until 10-day contracts are permitted, starting January 5.

“As of January you can have a call-up. So from November to January you play with your team and in January you can receive a call from an NBA franchise. At first it's contract 10 days. After that, they sign two or thee (10-days) or they cut you "

None of this means the Long Island first round pick won’t wind up with the Nets. With their point guard woes, who knows. Yogi Ferrell, who was expected to start for Long Island, is now with Brooklyn. A review of Dallo’s YouTube videos shows an athletic point guard fond of stutter steps and bounce passes and some defensive possibilities owing to his quickness and a near 7-foot wingspan.

He is not a big scorer, but in 25 minutes in Wednesday’s preseason game, he grabbed nine rebounds, handed out four assists (with four turnovers) and scored six points. He’ll get his chances. Dallo’s journey starts Friday night in Chicago vs. the Windy City Bulls.