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Sean Kilpatrick on Donald Trump’s ‘locker room talk’: Nope, he went ‘too far’

NBA: Preseason-Brooklyn Nets at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, a recording from 2005 was released, in which presidential candidate Donald Trump was caught making lewd and offensive comments about women and how he treats them. The ‘defense’ for Trump making such comments was, as it often is, “It’s just locker room talk,” “things guys say to each other in private,”

Well, the New York Times did a piece, following this release, asking men if this is common, things they say and talk about in locker rooms, when they’re surrounded by other men and think no one else is listening. The result, as expected, was mostly “Nope.”

One person they asked for a comment was Nets guard Sean Kilpatrick, and he too was among the majority of men who thought that Trump’s language was something that completely crossed the line.

As he arrived for an N.B.A. preseason game on Saturday, Sean Kilpatrick, a guard with the Nets, said Mr. Trump’s comments strayed well beyond locker room talk.

“That’s too much,” Mr. Kilpatrick said. “Especially for what he’s trying to run for now. You don’t want America judging you on something like that.”

He added, “We kind of get a bad rap and a bad name for it because everyone thinks it’s cool to say, ‘Oh, it’s just locker room talk.’”

The general consensus is that It’s not normal to hear these kind of conversations in NBA locker rooms. And it’s not. That’s not to say they aren’t there, but it isn’t fair to simply allude to this being the same kind of talk that you’d hear from NBA players and other athletes within the ‘safe space’ of the locker room.