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Anthony Bennett: “I want to be part of the Nets family”

bennett enters court at Open Practice
Anthony Bennett
Brooklyn Nets

There’s no doubt Anthony Bennett has talent. And it’s unfair to say it’s raw. His three point shot, for example, features nice form. He has 7’1” wing span and a 36” max vertical. The issue is consistency ... and its companion, work ethic.

Take a look at Bennett’s 2015 highlight reel. Watching it makes you think you’re looking at an All-Star.

Then, there’s the data that complicates the picture. As Oliver Maroney of Basketball Insiders writes Thursday, Bennett “has started just three games over the course of his NBA career and averaged only 12.8 minutes a night. Last season, he appeared in just 19 games for the Raptors and logged 4.4 minutes per game before being released in February.”

Now, although he won’t admit it, this is last chance. Kenny Atkinson said some positive things about Bennett Tuesday, giving his fans hope that the 23-year-old is about to have a breakout year.

Bennett told Maroney that that’s “in God’s hands. I can only work hard and prepare for every game, and the rest is up in the air.”

He does seem to appreciate the chance the Nets have given him.

“I just want to come in and become a part of the Nets family. My work ethic is something that I want to speak for itself. I want to show my ability to lead by example, a skill I got through playing with Team Canada. This year, one of my goals is to have fun with the game again. And I want to represent the city of Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Nets the best I can on and off the court.”

And he’s been working hard, particularly on the “J.”

The Nets didn’t risk much on Bennett, a two-year, vets minimum deal with a team option on the second year. It’s also the kind of risk the Nets, so bereft of picks, need to take.

As Jonathan Griggs of The Brooklyn Game writes ..

“Chances are high that he’ll never reach the lofty expectations that come with being the top selection, however, there’s no reason why he couldn’t develop into a useful rotational player with the right coaching and player development.”

We’ll take what we can get.