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Jeremy Lin: “I have no idea what to expect”

Lin warms up
Jeremy Lin
Brooklyn Nets

After practice Wednesday, Jeremy Lin talked about Thursday’s preseason opener vs. the Pistons. He admitted that game is likely to produce some surprises.

"The big thing right now is that we’ve been practicing. It’s one thing to practice, but when you get in the game and see the film, a lot of stuff that might work in practice in a real game is going to be different. This is going to be our first experience of really what it’s going to look like, and I have no idea what to expect."

He might as well as have used the same language to define the season. NO ONE on the Nets have used the "P" word — playoffs — at any point in the off- or pre-season, replacing it with another, more amorphous "P" word — progress.

So Thursday, everyone on the Nets will be measuring the good and bad, hoping the former outweighs the latter.

"Yeah, there’s a little more anticipation,’’ Kenny Atkinson said. "I’m just excited. I want to start getting in a routine, getting in a game routine, figuring out how I’m going to work. … I can’t wait to feel it and figure out how I’m going to approach game day. I have an idea, but is that ideal? And improve on that as the season goes."

Who’s likely to start, to play? Atkinson isn’t saying, but beat writers are suggesting that in addition to the two Olympians who have been given extra rest —Bojan Bogdanovic and Luis Scola, only Greivis Vasquez and Caris LeVert are expected to sit.

"Tomorrow we’ll have our coaches meeting and figure out the minutes," the coach added. "I would just say we’ll have a plan in place. Not everybody will play every game. We’ll be smart about minutes and obviously build our guys up. Each guy will be on an individual basis."

But one thing that both Atkinson and Lin spoke about hopefully Wednesday is the Nets defense. Atkinson’s Hawks had the best field goal defense last year and you-know-who had the worst. The Nets have spent 70 percent of their time in camp working on defense, which Atkinson described as "swarming."

"I think it’s a great defense," Lin said. "The best way I could describe it is that, when we play, I hate playing against this type of defense. That’s my ultimate sign of respect for this defense. Now, it’s a great defense conceptually, but we have to get it down to the point where we’re doing it and executing it the way we need to."