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Brett Yormark: Uniform ad deal in “couple of months”

NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with CNN International, Brett Yormark said the Nets are nearing a deal on uniform jersey ads. The Nets CEO said that he’s talking to “four or five global companies” about a getting their logo on the Nets jersey starting in 2017.

Yormark told Richard Quest of CNN

“We're talking to companies that fit our brand, fit our image. Whoever comes on board as our partner will truly be aligned very closely with Brand Brooklyn Nets, and also with Brand Brooklyn. We take that very seriously. We're not going wide in our search. It's more of an invitation to the table.

“We're having a dialogue with four or five major companies, global companies that want the alignment with the brooklyn Nets, want that alignment with the NBA and want to position their brands in a global way. very excited about our dialogue...

“Our goal is hopefully within the next couple of months secure a partner for next year.”

There’s been speculation that the partner could wind up being a Chinese company, permitting the company and the Nets to take advantage of Jeremy Lin’s high profile in China, Taiwan and the rest of Asia.

Initially, it was thought that each of the 30 deals could fetch as much as a million dollars or more annually, with Yormark suggesting that the Nets could earn $4 to $5 million annually for the Post-it Note-sized ads. The NBA would get half the money. So far, though, only one team, the 76ers, has announced a deal, a three-year partnership with StubHub.