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Thaddeus Young understands Brooklyn’s rebuild wasn’t the right situation for him

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Thaddeus Young was always a solid citizen during his days with the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite the hardships faced during a 21-win season, Young’s leadership, hard work and composure on and off the court was admirable. Young was acquired in a trade between the Nets and Timberwolves, one that sent Kevin Garnett to Minnesota for Young in 2015. In a season and a half with the team, he became a fan favorite and the first Nets player to live in Brooklyn.

Thad offered all the traits that Sean Marks wanted for his culture change. But with the unfortunate situation Brooklyn was/is in, Marks needed to make a move. Young was the first to go, and he found himself in a draft-day trade that sent him to Indiana for the 20th pick (Caris LeVert).

He understood.

“I think the farther we got into the summer, I think they realized that there wasn’t any use of just holding me or continuing to keep me here if I’m trying to be in a situation where I want to win,” Young said. “I think Sean [Marks] did a good job of facilitating that trade and being able to get a young asset for a veteran guy who can go out and be able to compete on a playoff team.

“Like a couple of hours,” the smiling Thaddeus Young replied when asked if he was given any notice. “My agent actually called me while I was working out and told me. Sean called me and wished me the best and he felt like that was a good situation to put me in and a good situation for them to get a young guy and continue to move on with their team and their situation.”

He was courteous as always. More importantly to his team, he was productive with a line of 19 points, eight rebounds, three rebounds, one blocked shot and one steal. The Nets miss his productivity next to Lopez, but with the fast-paced, 3-point savvy system; it’s hard to see how both he and Brook Lopez would’ve fit in with the game plan.

“Obviously Brooklyn is going into the youth movement and they’re in a rebuild situation. My hat goes off to those guys. I hope they continue to work hard and continue to get better each and every year.”