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Caris LeVert on return: “Probably within the next couple of weeks”

2016 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images

Nets rookie Caris LeVert went on Sirius XM Radio Thursday and answered the big question, when is likely to step on the court. The answer was a bit of a surprise ... and good news.

Brian Lewis tweeted out the news.

LeVert is rehabbing from foot surgery at the end of March. Dr. Martin O’Malley took a piece of his LeVert’s hip bone and grafted it on to his left foot. It was his third foot surgery in 22 months, but this time he ... and O’Malley believe it will take. So do the Nets who traded Thaddeus Young for LeVert’s rights on Draft Night.

They’ve said all along they would take their time with LeVert.

The 6’7” swingman was permitted to begin “limited practice” a little more than two weeks ago and was seen playing three-on-three in recent days.

The 22-year-old also told Sirius XM what it’s like inside the Nets locker room, with all the negative punditry being thrown around.

If LeVert returns after November 11, Opening Day for the D-League, don’t be surprised to see him doing a rehab tour with the Long Island Nets.

Meanwhile, Jordan Schultz writing for Huffington Post, says LeVert could the prototypical position-less play.

At 6-foot-7 and with a staggering 6-foot-10 wingspan, the Columbus, Ohio, native represents the new age, prototypical NBA wing. LeVert can legitimately guard three positions ― a skill few possess ― and he can score as well.

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