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In local previews, it’s much the same

NBA: Preseason-New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Post and Newsday, the last two local papers providing daily coverage of the Nets, take a look at Brooklyn’s team ... and come away with the same impression that national pundits have written about...

They’re good guys, but not a good basketball team.

Brian Lewis, who predicts a 21-win season, writes, “the question is degree: Bad, or historically bad?”

“I’ve never had any fear that our team can’t compete with these good teams. I just think that we have a much, much, much smaller margin of error,’’ Lewis quotes Jeremy Lin.

His boss agrees...

“That’s a great way to look at it, and Jeremy’s right,” Sean Marks told Lewis. “The way we play on the court – we don’t have a whole lot of room for error – is the way we should be looking at it from a front office, from a coaching, from an analytic way.

“Nobody’s going to bat 1.000 [in scouting]. Hopefully we’re batting somewhere close to it.”

Lewis also examines how patient will Mikhail Prokhorov be is the team is historically bad, will Brook Lopez take to the motion offense, how bad is their defense, and can Bojan Bogdanovic match his Olympic summer on the NBA stage.

Similarly, Greg Logan of Newsday takes a long look at 2016-17 and doesn’t find much hope. But the Nets players do, starting with the offense.

“No question,” he said. “It’s something we’re confident in our ability to execute. We have lots of great pick-and-roll players, and we have a great person to run it in Jeremy. We’re very confident in ourselves.”

Logan also advises that Nets fans should keep an eye on Caris LeVert’s rehab. His return is uncertain, but Logan believes his impact will be certain. He writes, “Rehab has gone well, and when he’s ready, LeVert’s shot and athleticism could make a big impact.”

Meanwhile, Fred Kerber, writing the Post’s national preview, thinks it’s hard not to pick the Nets down at the bottom of the standings, East or West.

Durant said it was big that the Warriors came to him. The Nets couldn’t even get Durant to listen, despite Jay-Z as his agent and his old shooting coach being their player development director. Boston controls the Nets’ first-rounders for TWO more years and the Nets don’t control their second-rounder until 2021. They may retire former GM Billy King’s number — in Boston.

Our own writers roundtable will be Wednesday.

Meanwhile, on a national level, ESPN’s Kevin Pelton has upped computer projections for Nets wins.

Projected wins: 29.3 (Summer Forecast: 20-62)

The gap of nearly nine wins between the Nets' RPM projection and their opening Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook over/under (20.5 wins) is the NBA's largest in either direction. Both CARMELO and BPI (23 wins apiece) have Brooklyn closer to that lower mark.

And that’s it. No more projections. They start playing actual games this week.