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ESPN asks: Who owns New York? Lin or Rose

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

As part of the ESPN Insider preview of the Nets, five ESPN pundits were asked what PG owns New York, Jeremy Lin or Derrick Rose, both of whom are new to their teams. The opinion was unanimous: It’s Lin.

Elhassan: I'm not going to be difficult and name a third player, so I'll say Lin. First, he'll have more of an opportunity to dominate the ball; even the most optimistic projection of Rose still has to keep Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis happy.

Second, Lin doesn't have any real competition for his spot (Greivis Vasquez is coming off lingering ankle issues), while Rose has to deal with Brandon Jennings. Finally, as the adage goes, 80 percent of life is showing up, and Rose has earned our skepticism with regard to his ability to stay healthy.

Haberstroh: Oh, this one is easy for me. Jeremy Lin. Rose missed all of preseason and Lin has looked fantastic in the preseason. Given Rose's health questions and the fact that last season he ranked 69th in real plus-minus (RPM) among point guards, I'd go as far to say Brandon Jennings will be superior as well.

Engelmann: Lin, do doubt. Rose's productive NBA days are over. Last season, he ranked among the worst defenders in the league (defensive RPM: -3.1), with low rates in defensive rebounding, blocks and steals. Combine that with his abysmal true shooting percentage (47.9) and you have a player that should not be in anyone's starting unit.

Doolittle: Lin. He may be best suited to be a third guard, but he's still a good player. Rose used to be a good player. Until I see something a lot different than I saw in Chicago, I'm sticking with the past tense on him.

Pelton: Lin. Not only has he been the better player since Rose's injuries -- he's posted a 14.5 player efficiency rating over the past three seasons to Rose's 14.1 mark -- he's in an offense better suited for his talents. Brooklyn should emphasize the pick-and-roll game in which Lin thrives, whereas Rose will likely spend much of his time spotting up.

Meanwhile, it looks like Lin will have the spotlight when the season opens this week. Rose may not play in the Knicks opener. He missed much of the preseason successfully defending himself against rape charges.