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Sigh, another insult, this time on Twitter

Brooklyn Nets

It started with an unfortunate photo from Media Day, the five players with non or partially guaranteed contracts lined up randomly. Beau Beech smiled. Egidijus Mockevicius and Yogi Ferrell looked away. Jorge Gutierrez scratched his leg. Chase Budinger had a “why am I here?” look to him.

So, no surprise, a Knick fan, who goes by the moniker, LizzLocker, on Twitter, downloaded it and posted it with the message, “Name the band.”


The comments were predictable, with suggestions banal and witty. Some samples.

“NWA No. Wins. Allowed.”

“Tears for Years”

“Blink 0-82”

“No Direction”

... and our personal favorite...

“The Who.”

No surprise. The Nets roster has been the source of pundits ridicule for months.

Of course, this is, in effect, the Nets fourth team. But it’s out there now, along with all the other doom-and-gloom analysis Is it bulletin board material? At last week’s press conference, Sean Marks dismissed all the media reports like the LockerLizz tweet.

“I don’t think we look at it as bulletin board material,” said Marks when asked about the negative press. “You’ve read a couple of pieces that some of our guys said they don’t agree with. And that’s great. It shows the competitiveness in them.”

Players of course are competitive and do react to all sorts of stimuli. Jeremy Lin said that Kobe Bryant’s “who is this kid?” angered him and drove him to score 38 points vs the Lakers at height of Linsanity.

So we will wait to see how the Nets react to all this “stuff.”