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KD to RHJ - “Shoot it, Rondae”

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson shares a foul-line shimmy with Kevin Durant. Now, KD is offering the kid some advice, interrupting an RHJ Twitter soliloquy on women...

Hollis-Jefferson swears he’s taking the advice to heart. Really.

Now some might think it’s KD suggesting that RHJ make a move on someone he’s smitten with, but it also fits with the what he’s being told about taking shots ... with the ball.

As Brian Lewis reports Sunday, Kenny Atkinson wants The Hyphen to just keep shooting. Despite two misses from deep vs. the Celtics, his coach sees it as a work-in-progress.

“I put my arm around him, [Thursday night and said], ‘Take the next one,’ ” Atkinson recalled. “That’s how you develop.”

There’s no doubt opponents’ defenses are giving him the shot. It’s not so much that he can’t shoot. It’s more that he’s reluctant, as Durant suggests. RHJ took only 14 three’s in 29 games last season, making four. He has to get beyond that. Atkinson’s advice helped.

“It was a relief, having a coach saying shoot it if you’re open,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “I feel like you have to go through those misses, those ups and downs of missing some in the game, to actually get that stroke going. I feel like that will happen. And once I hit a couple in a game, I feel like it will only get better from there.”

He’s certainly putting the work in. As Cory Wright of the Nets website writes, on Friday afternoon, he stayed an hour after practice moving around the 3-point line taking shot after shot.

“I let the coaches count; I just shoot,” Hollis-Jefferson said. “I look at it like if it feels good then it was a good shot and try to keep it the same way. But I don’t count them; I let the coaches count them. I just worry about if I’m shooting it right so I can create that same habit.”

It would be a big deal if RHJ, with all his skills elsewhere on the court, could hit a few three’s. And the 6’7” 21-year-old understands that, at least intellectually. Just ask him. He just has to keep shooting.

As for the woman in question, we think it has something to do with Zendaya.