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Lin, Lopez weigh in Trump “locker room talk”

Lin warms up Brooklyn Nets

The Nets two leaders took issue with Donald Trump’s characterization of his comments about women as “locker room talk,” telling reporters that’s not what goes in locker rooms they’re familiar with.

"It's extremely vulgar. That's not something that's commonly said,” said Jeremy Lin. “I mean, that's pretty disrespectful to women and that's definitely not a common thing. We're not walking around the locker room everyone's talking like that. Trust me, I've been in a lot of locker rooms and whatever. I'm not gonna get into it, but obviously do I agree with any way with what he said. Not at all."

“That’s not something I’ve ever seen go on in a locker room,” Lopez said. “It seemed pretty offensive. That’s not the craziest answer in the world, right? It’s common sense.”

Trump was caught on an open mic telling Billy Bush how much he enjoyed moving on women and how, as a celebrity, he can get away with forcing himself on women. He characterized the remarks as “lockeroom talk.”

Various athletes, including Sean Kilpatrick, have dismissed the characterization.