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The good, the bad, and the what? From Nets vs. Heat

Brooklyn Nets v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Again, it’s only preseason.

But the Brooklyn Nets, without Brook Lopez and Randy Foye, were defeated by the Miami Heat, without Chris Bosh, to drop to 1-2 in a collection of games where wins and losses don’t matter, but results do.

Results like Jeremy Lin continuing his Brooklyn Three party, knocking down 2-of-3 with his new release, improving to 7-of-11 from deep throughout the preseason.

Like Bojan Bogdanovic pouring in an efficient 13 points in 20 minutes on only eight shot attempts, including a 3-of-4 showing from beyond the arc.

Like Justin Hamilton scoring 12 points and knocking down 2-of-5 from deep, showcasing his ability to stretch the floor as an NBA center.

Although, Monday night also highlighted an interior defense issue with Brook Lopez not on the floor. Hassan Whiteside tore up the Nets for 21 points, 14 rebounds, and four blocks in 23 minutes. As we know, Lopez can’t play 40 minutes per night, and with the Whiteside’s, Howard’s and Drummond’s of the world on the horizon, this is something to keep an eye on.

Throughout the preseason, we’ve witnessed plenty of Anthony Bennett, the former first overall pi—you know this by now…

The Canadian big man netted 11 points today, highlighted by 3-of-5 from three, in 20 minutes of play just days after scoring 15 against the Knicks, 13 of which were in the second half.

You may notice the efficient three point numbers from the Nets today – as a team, the black and white hit 14-of-33 from deep (42.4%), and their 22-of-27 from free throw (81.5%), was also a good sign. However, only shooting 38.3% from the floor, two games after shooting about 45% from the floor against the Detroit Pistons, shows that the Nets have yet to recapture the efficient scoring created by continuous ball movement Net fans fell in love with at first sight last week.

However, their ball movement was good enough to create 20 assists, one shy of their total against the Pistons and eight more than their output at the Garden on Friday night.

Defensively, the Nets allowed the Heat to pierce their defense with 50% shooting and 38.7% from deep on 31 three-point attempts, a slight improvement from what the Knicks posted on the Nets at MSG (53.6% from the floor and 44.4% from deep). It was still not nearly enough to provide any serious disruption to the Heat’s offensive flow, which saw Miami put up 121 points, with many buckets from under the basket to boot.

Already halfway through the preseason, the Nets return home to welcome the Boston Celtics two nights from now. Perhaps we may start to see some separation among the players on the roster, if we haven’t already. Nine Nets played 20 or more minutes against the Heat with Greivis Vasquez following with 17, Isaiah Whitehead with 13. Chris McCullough, whose roster spot has become a huge topic of discussion for Net fans on Twitter, only logged eight minutes.

Another presumed ‘bubble guy’ Yogi Ferrell, wasn't with the team (personal reasons) for today’s game after playing a spirited 15 minutes against the Knicks. Three of the four other players without guarantees didn’t play either. Chase Budinger had six minutes of playing time.

Are these definitive signs? We don’t know, but if nothing else we’re getting close.