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At New Yorker Festival, Lin again professes hatred of soup, won’t talk about W-L

Vivien Hueng via Twitter

Jeremy Lin sat down with New Yorker writer Vinson Cunningham at the magazine’s annual Live Festival Sunday afternoon and talked about life, basketball, and, of course, soup. For Lin fans, at least one of whom flew into New York from China, it was a chance to ask questions of the Nets point guard.

According to tweets by the New Yorker Live festival, Jo Ling Kent, a correspondent for NBC News, and other fans, Lin spoke about a range of topics, but the one that got the most attention was his aversion to soup —- and other hot liquids. Lin had told GQ the way he feels a week or so ago, but he doubled down on Sunday, as this video by Vivien Hueng, one of his biggest fans, attests.

He even admitted that he doesn’t like the increasingly popular pho, a Vietnamese soup, and isn’t crazy about ramen either.

And of course what’s a Lin discussion with mention of his hair, increasingly tied in a bun.

One topic he would not touch, predictions on the Nets win-loss record, saying, “We have been warned not to answer these kinds of questions." Warned? By who? Sounds like a Marksist dictate to us. He did predict the Warriors will win 70 again.

Here’s a sampling of Lin’s other thoughts from Kent who reports for the network and NBC News Asian American ... many of them about growing up Asian-American.

We assume Campbell’s won’t be pursuing an endorsement deal with Lin anytime soon.

Here are more clips, also courtesy of Vivien Huang...

Meanwhile, NBC News Asian American spoke with Asian and Asian-American Nets fans, wondering how they feel about Lin’s social activism. Almost unanimously, they supported it.