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Nets head to Detroit in search of a victory

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There's always a party going on in Brooklyn. Unfortunately for the Nets, it's been at their expense. They played host to the Orlando Magic last night and sought to end their eight game home losing streak. That didn't happen as the Magic came away with a six point victory. The Nets are a terrible road team, and if they can't even defend home court, then they're in (even more) trouble.

Awaiting Brooklyn will be the Detroit Pistons. They've had a nice year and are much improved over previous seasons. They've won their last two games, including Wednesday's comeback against the Boston Celtics. The schedule toughens up after tonight. They'll play the Spurs, Grizzlies, and Warriors next week.


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Where to follow the game

YES Network on TV, WCBS 880 AM on radio. Tip after 7:30.

The game

Check it





10-26 20-16


97.38 97.73

Offensive Efficiency

97.8 101

Defensive Efficiency

104.5 100

Turnover Rate

15.4 14.1

Assist Rate

16.3 14.1

Offensive Rebounding Rate

24.9 28.7

Rebound Rate

50.4 52.2

Free Throw Rate

22.9 28.9

Effective Field Goal Percentage

47.3 47.7

Opponent's Effective Field Goal Percentage

51.6 49.2

The Nets won the first game at the end of November.

The Pistons have a good chance of sending their first player to the All Star Game since Allen Iverson in 2009 (yes, I forgot he played for the Pistons too). Andre Drummond currently leads the league in rebounds, double doubles, and is Top 20 in blocks. He's not grabbing boards at the same pace he was earlier in the year, but he's still been awesome so it hasn't hurt much. He's third in voting and if everything stays the same over the next two weeks, he'll start alongside LeBron James and Paul George for the East. Brook Lopez had his difficulties the first meeting against Detroit, but figured things out in the fourth quarter to lead Brooklyn to the W. Nothing has been going right for Brooklyn in 2016, and they're going to need Brook to play above and beyond in order for them to be competitive. Drummond sometimes gets into foul trouble, so the Nets ought to get Brook the ball early and often.

The other All Star candidate is Reggie Jackson. He compares favorably to other top guards in the East and keeps the Pistons offense humming. He leads the league in drives to the basket and that in turn opens things up for Drummond near the basket and shooters on the perimeter. Shane Larkin will start once again, and it's been a struggle as he transitions to this new role. He's shooting worse from the floor and turning the ball over more as the starting point guard as compared to when he was coming off of the bench. Granted it's only been four games, but it's a bit worrisome. We knew going into the year that point guard would be a weakness for Brooklyn, and seeing if Larkin can develop into a capable starting PG will be key to what Nets management hopes to do this summer.

Player to watch: Brandon Jennings

It's been a long road back to the court for Jennings. He tore his Achilles tendon in January of 2015 and spent the past couple of months working his way back to action. He made his return on December 29 in Madison Square Garden and has been coming off the bench ever since. There's some thought he might get traded, but Van Gundy put the kibosh to that:

"Our plan, right now, is that Brandon can help us make a playoff push, and that's what we're going to do," Van Gundy said. "That's our plan right now. If something happens in the next five weeks, we'll look at it. But right now, he's a very good player who can help us, and that's the only way we're looking at him."

He'll serve as the backup, and his ability to score in bunches will come in handy for SVG and the Pistons. He's a career 35 percent shooter from three point range and as he gets further away from the injury, the more he will look like the player we're used to seeing. Donald Sloan is the backup for Brooklyn and didn't commit a turnover yesterday after coughing it up four times in only 19 minutes vs Toronto on Wednesday. The Nets are tenth in the NBA in team turnover rate, and their roster isn't good enough to survive that. Managing possessions is the name of the game for Sloan/Larkin and if they can do that, maybe the Nets can get out of their slump.

From the Vault

Yesterday's Vault focused on Tracy McGrady and his first year in Orlando. The Magic expected Mac and Grant Hill to be the duo that pushed them to the top of the East and beyond. Of course, that never happened as injuries hindered Grant throughout his entire Orlando run. When we take a look at this 2000 matchup, we can see what Magic fans envisioned on their team.

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