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Zach Lowe: Lionel Hollins likely out, but no timing

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In a podcast with ESPN colleague Brian Windhorst, Zach Lowe says he believes Lionel Hollins likelyn won't last through the course of his contract, which still has two more years to run, but only one of which, next year, is guaranteed.

in a discussion of coaching changes expected before year end, as transcribed by The Brooklyn Game, Lowe said,  "Brooklyn, Hollins is almost certainly out."  That was it, and Windhorst didn't dispute Lowe's assertion.

Is that shocking?  Hardly.  At this point, Hollins record as Nets coach is 48-70. That's not the kind of success the Nets --or Hollins-- hoped for.  The 62-year-old Hollins is in the second year of a four year deal --three guaranteed.  The team is in a rebuild, whether the front office wants to call it a "bridge" year or not.  Teams normally go for younger coaches and staff under those circumstances, not someone approaching retirement age. Think Boston with Brad Stevens.

If the Nets choose to dump him before year's end, always a possibility when a team in in free fall like the Nets are, they would owe him the remainder of this year as well as next year, something on the order of about $6 million.  Perhaps more importantly, whoever replaces Hollins would be the team's fifth coach in five years.  A new coach next year would be the sixth in six years. That's not how you sell continuity or stability to a free agent.

Lowe and WIndhorst also discussed the Nets long-term issues. Windhorst said that he "(doesn’t) see a way out" for the Nets from their current predicament, joking that if Lowe had the answer, he should become their general manager. (Not going there.)

As for a Joe Johnson trade, Lowe said the team "still wants wins" and would only deal Johnson if it helped them win games this season, even if it hurt their future cap room, Devin Kharpertian notes.  NetsDaily has been told something different: that the Nets would only trade Johnson if a first round pick was part of a package. How likely is that?