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Brett Yormark: Nets have to "play better, give people a reason to show up"

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Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

WIth the Nets attendance in decline --they're 28th and recently fell behind the 76ers-- Brett Yormark says the answer to putting more people in the seats is simple: play better!

Asked by Crain's Business how he can keep fans "engaged," Yormark responded...

The team has to play better. We’ve got to give people a reason to show up every night. One area we’ve lagged from last year is the show rate: the portion of people who buy tickets and show up. We’re thinking very proactively about how we keep people engaged, create value for them and amplify the in-arena experience—so people have a wonderful experience, win or lose

Yormark mostly talked about the Islanders' experience in Brooklyn --which has its own issues-- and noted that the Nassau Coliseum renovation is likely to be complete by the "winter of 2016."