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Would Mikhail Prokhorov bring in CSKA Moscow GM to run Nets?

New, comments, which normally covers the Euroleague --and is its global medial partner - is reporting Tuesday that Mikhail Prokhorov might turn to CSKA Moscow's president to run the Nets basketball operation as GM.

Aris Barkas writes...

After keeping CSKA Moscow to the top of the VTB United league for years and among the Euroleague elite, Andrey Vatutin once more is tempted to leave Moscow for Brooklyn...

Back in 2010 there were also reports about an offer to Vatutin for an undefined role. However this time things are different.

A spokesman for Prokhorov declined comment on the report and one team insider called the idea "B.S." Other Nets insiders suggested it's hard to imagine Prokhorov installing a Russian as general manager, particularly with free agency being such a high priority and Vatutin being a virtual unknown to players and their agents. But it's not difficult to see him as an assistant GM or even president of basketball operations, reporting to Prokhorov or Dmitry Razumov, if he wanted the job.

Vatutin, now 42, replaced Prokhorov's chief sports advisor and Nets board member Sergey Kushchenko as president in 2009. Prokhorov had asked Kushchenko to run the Russian Biathlon Union in preparation for the 2014 WInter Olympics. Vatutin had long been Kushchenko's assistant at CSKA. Prokhorov owned CSKA for a decade but was forced to sell in 2008.

Vatutin had been rumored as Prokhorov's choice as Nets assistant general manager in 2010 but decided against leaving Moscow.  He would be the first European GM in the NBA.

Vatutin was recently beat up on the streets of Moscow and hospitalized. Robbery was not the motive since nothing of value was taken.

Since 2002 Vatutin has been part of the CSKA Moscow organization. Under his management, CSKA Moscow won four Russian Superleague titles, five United League titles and nine Russian Championships. Also the team won the 2008 Euroleague.