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Billy King: Sticking with Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan ... for now

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William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

In meeting with beat writers Monday, Billy King said the team is going to give Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan a chance to prove themselves with Jarrett Jack out. King said there's no one out there who's going to "move the needle." King also said he will apply for a disabled player exception (DPE) but doesn't know if he will use it. The DPE would be half of Jack's $6.3 million salary.

At just-turned 23, Larkin will be the Nets youngest starting point guard since Stephon Marbury was traded for Jason Kidd in 2001.

"I’ve come in at times and finished games this year, so it’s not a farfetched idea for me to go out and play big minutes,” Larkin said. “I’ve been able to do it this year, just have to do it on a more consistent basis and do it. It’s a good opportunity for me, you never want to see anyone get hurt, but this is what you’re in the NBA for.”

Larkin said Jack told him to “stay ready and play hard."

“I can’t take it for granted that I’m going to be getting whatever minutes a game, just like the guys now can’t take it for granted,” Sloan said. “Any game or any time, things can change. For me, I have to flourish in the minutes I do get, I have to cherish them and make the most of them. That’s what I intend to do.”