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Brown, Hollis-Jefferson have fun helping Brooklyn kids with math

Learn Fresh

it's a numbers game after all.

On Wednesday, January 27, in still snowy Downtown Brooklyn, Markel Brown and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson visited the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club for an edition of NBA Math Hoops Live.

Learn Fresh, a Denver-based non-profit, created the NBA Math Hoops board game for use in underperforming classrooms. Several teams, including the Nuggets, Cavaliers, and the Warriors, have joined forces with the program to construct interactive experiences where the board game comes to life. Now the Nets have joined them.

What exactly is NBA Math Hoops? It's a board game that comes complete with player trading cards, and students must compute calculations to score points on the board against an official shot clock.

Using NBA and WNBA stats to better visualize math problems, Math Hoops players get a the chance to score points in a competitive way.  The student''s ability to quickly figure out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems is paramount. A Denver 9 News feature on the NBA Math Hoops program also reports that students utilizing NBA Math Hoops in the classroom increased their Math test scores by 300 percent compared to students not yet playing the game.

A select group of middle schoolers gathered in the YMCA gymnasium at the Boys and Girls Club -- whose renovation was personally financed by Brett Yormark --  to take their Math Hoops prowess from the board game to the backboard.

Instead of converting their own scoring chances, Hollis-Jefferson and Brown were the designated shooters for the group.  At day’s end, Brown’s group of students prevailed over Hollis-Jefferson. After the game, everyone enjoyed a  Q&A session with the pair - best question --"Are you in 2K?" - and received fresh autographs on their new NBA FIT t-shirts.

Learn Fresh is serving over 14,000 students nationwide through its NBA Math Hoops program. To discover more, visit