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Nets to open doors a half hour later, starting next week

Elsa/Getty Images

The Nets have announced that they will open the doors at Barclays Center an hour prior to game time, a half hour later than they have since Barclays Center opened in October 2012.

In a letter to fans, the Nets wrote...

Beginning with our game against the Detroit Pistons on February 1, we will be opening our doors one hour prior to tip-off rather than 90 minutes. Games scheduled for a 7:30pm start will now have doors open at 6:30pm. This policy will remain in effect for the rest of the 2015-16 season.

Asked about the change, a spokesman for the team and arena told NetsDaily that the change will not necessarily be blanket, explaining, "There were a very minimal amount of people coming early except for the big games, when we will continue to open doors 90 minutes before tip-off."

He did not describe what will constitute a "big game."  Some fans fear that the change will lead to further delays getting past the security gates at the arena's main entrance, already a big issue for fans.  One fan suggested the later opening will also cut down on the time fans can ask players for autographs.  The change will presumably save the arena operations some money in terms of staff salary.

Madison Square Garden has long opened an hour before Knicks games.