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For the Brooklyn Nets there are no 'moral victories,' just...positive almost-wins?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets had a nice win this past Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. You could argue that it's the pinnacle of this disastrous season. They followed that up by almost beating the Heat, losing by four points, which you could certainly make the case of it being a "moral victory." The team, however, is not looking to count moral victories, but simply to nod at the fact that they're improving -- having won a game and almost won a game, after getting blown out in five straight games.

As the great Brian Lewis of the NY Post writes, the team is pleased with some of the progress they've made over the last two games.

"Yeah, I do. I see progress. I see us getting better as a team on both ends of the floor,’’ Joe Johnson said. "We’ve just got to continue to work, continue to try and get better. When we move the ball offensively, we get great looks and guys knock down shots. So if we can keep that up, and defensively keep talking and keep everybody in the right place, we’ll be all right.’’

Donald Sloan, Brook Lopez and Tony Brown were among the others who spoke of progress, yet weren't ready to count moral victories.

At this point in the season, Brooklyn does need something to hold on to, whether it's nice close-losses or wins over Kevin Durant, who they are going to pursue over the summer. Something to convince fans that "we'll be all right," in a season in which they are a several ping pong balls away from delivering a bright future to the Boston Celtics.

Moral victories? No thanks. Progress? Hey, it's a process.