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What's Up? Mikhail Prokhorov at Nets - Heat game

YES Network

Hey, Mikhail, what's up?

Both Mikhail Prokhorov and Nets chairman Dmitry Razumov, were both in town Tuesday for the Nets-Heat, Prokhorov sitting in his suite and Razumov courtside. They had planned to see the Thunder but a blizzard intervened.

No one is saying what's up, but one possibility is that the Nets are getting serious about their GM search. Interviews maybe.

Prokhorov, who proclaimed after the Nets "staff changes" that he would spend more time in New York and be more hands-on with the team's GM and coach. Asked how those searches are going, he told beat reporters: "You will be the first to know."

Pressed further, he said: "I need to [do] my homework before I speak."