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Kobe Bryant endorses Frank Zanin for Brooklyn Nets GM

The Brooklyn Nets are in need of a head coach and a GM, after having let both Billy King and Lionel Hollins go earlier this year. While the team has Tony Brown and Frank Zanin filling in for Hollins and King, respectively, neither have really been considered candidates to take the job on in a full-time basis.

That was, at least, before Frank Zanin received an endorsement from Kobe Bryant. Yes, Kobe Bryant.

Why Frank Zanin? Well, there's a connection here.

Both grew up in suburban Philadelphia, and both Zanin and his brother, T.J., who is a former Nets scout, played against Kobe in high school. The Zanins played for the Marple Newton Tigers, while Kobe played for the Lower Merion Aces.

Here's a story about their off-court friendship and on court rivalry.

Before now, also, we never heard word as to whether or not Zanin is interested in the position. Well, now, he hasn't officially said he doesn't want the job.

Who is Frank Zanin? Good question. We wrote a profile on him a few weeks ago and his close connection to former GM Billy King.

Read our Zanin profile here.