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Kennedy: Don't dismiss Scott Brooks as Brooklyn Nets coaching candidate

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Three of the writers at Basketball Insiders take a shot at who the Nets might pick for their other vacancy: the head coaching job.  While there's discussion of the obvious choice, Tom Thibodeau, and a far-out possibility, Sean Sweeney of the Bucks, Alex Kennedy thinks the Nets would be wise to consider Scott Brooks, late of the Thunder.

Brooks is sitting out the season after he was replaced by Billy Donovan during the summer.  Kennedy thinks the Nets could do worse.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder head coach has been one of the more successful floor generals in recent years, finishing with a .610 winning percentage or better every season from 2009 to 2014. His best season was the 2011–12 campaign, when the Thunder advanced to the NBA Finals but lost to the Miami Heat.

The Thunder dumped him, writes Kennedy because they didn't think he could take them all the way ... and they felt they needed someone who could, mainly because Kevin Durant will be a free agent this summer.  Brooks, Kennedy thinks, could be helpful in the Nets pursuit of KD.

Also, with the Nets looking to pursue Durant this summer (especially considering his ties to the organization and his recent praise of Brooklyn), it could make sense to hire the head coach he was very close with in OKC.

Brooks biggest credit, Kennedy says, is player development, noting that not just Durant and Russell Westbrook got better under his tutelage. Serge Ibaka did as well. Whether the Nets will go after Brooks isn't likely to be known until they choose his boss, the GM. And that could take a while.