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Kevin Durant says nice things about Brooklyn, the Nets and Barclays Center

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe Mike Mazzeo isn't so crazy after all.  The ESPN writer argued Sunday that the Nets might have a chance at Kevin Durant, generating guffaws, even among Nets fans.

Well, even before the Nets beat the Thunder, KD had nice things --very nice things in fact-- to say about the Nets, their players, their arena, their fans.

"You’ve got all the talent over there," said Durant, who scored 32 points with 10 rebounds and eight assists in a losing efforts. "And sometimes it happens where you’re not totally focused and a lot of things are going on that may distract you from playing basketball."

"They lost Jarrett Jack. It’s hard losing your point guard," Durant said. "[Rondae] Hollis-Jefferson was playing well for them at the time; he had surgery. They have a new coach. So a lot of stuff factors into a team playing good basketball: injuries and just major changes. It factors in."

Then, after the game, he praised Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young...

"They kicked our a-- all night -- rebounding the ball, scoring in the paint. They did what they wanted to, and we have to do a better job helping our bigs down there. They kind of controlled the game -- their bigs."

The guy follows the Nets, it appears. Maybe his agent, Jay-Z, or the president of his agent's management company, Michael Yormark, has sent him dispatches.  He also likes the fans.

"It’s always fun to be here. It’s the mecca of basketball in New York City," Durant said. "I always enjoy playing here in front of these fans who enjoy the game of basketball. It’s amazing. You can tell when you walk in the arena. Being at Barclays and being at Madison Square Garden, it’s that pure basketball feel when you walk in the arena."

Yikes!  And here's something he didn't say.  It was the Nets foot and ankle specialist, Dr. Martin O'Malley, MD, who reconstructed Durant's foot.  He carries a reminder of the Nets orthopedic achievements with him every day.