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Kevin Durant a Brooklyn Net? Mike Mazzeo thinks it's possible

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After talking to NBA executives and agents, Mike Mazzeo writes that the guy leading the Thunder into Brooklyn Sunday might want to make Barclays Center his home.

Really, Mike? I mean really?

Mazzeo lists all the disincentives for one of the NBA's top three or four players to leave OKC, then makes the counter argument...

Why on earth would a superstar such as Durant be willing to leave Russell Westbrook, a franchise on pace for 60 wins and more money for a franchise without a coach, a GM or total control over its first-round pick until 2019 that is on pace for 20 wins?

Well, let's start here: Durant is represented by Roc Nation Sports and Jay Z. And which team did the hip-hop mogul turned power agent used to hold a minority ownership stake in? The Nets. Now, let's add this: The president/chief of branding and strategy of Roc Nation is Michael Yormark. Who is his twin brother? CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Brett Yormark.

Other potential enticing factors could include: The New York market and a chance to play home games in a top-flight $1 billion arena; the potential for a prideful player such as Durant to be the top dog in town; and the opportunity to potentially play with more of a pass-first type point guard, whom the Nets would have to acquire via free agency or trade.

Of course, that would make Mikhail Prokhorov the mad prophet. He did say one or two players "and a lot of luck" could turn things around in Brooklyn. Durant would certainly qualify as both. But Mazzeo says  for the Durant to commit, the Nets would have to become more committed themselves ...

That means seeking out the opinions of multiple people on important decisions -- maybe even some of them who disagree (gasp) -- not just Dmitry Razumov turning to his bestie until the bitter end, Billy King, and asking the advice of the now demoted GM who turned the roster into a mess in the first place.

Sounds like a plan.