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Brooklyn Nets have hired David Nurse as the team's shooting coach

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The Brooklyn Nets are still in need of a head coach, a General Manager and a competitive team, to say the least, but they've started plugging a key hole on Thursday by hiring a well-known shooting coach, David Nurse.

NetsDaily broke the story on Twitter.

Nurse runs Perfect Shots Basketball, which trains players of all levels in shooting.  He has worked with Aaron Gordon, Aron Baynes and C.J. Watson, to name a few -- insert CJ Watson dunk attempt GIF here -- along with others. He also holds the world record for most three-pointers made in one minute. Take that, Stephen Curry! Maybe more importantly, but probably not, he grew up with Kyle Korver, who is one of the two or three best jump shooters in the game's history.

There's a great interview with Nurse, published on Boydz N The Hood (seriously!), in which Nurse talks about his approach to shooting. It's definitely worth reading. Nurse also writes for Hoopshype.

He runs the Perfect Shots Shooting in Australia. And, as John Schuhmann notes, he should do wonders for young players on the team like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

It's one small step, but a much needed one for the Nets.