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Brooklyn Nets front office quiet as deadline nears

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Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reports that the Nets front office hasn't exactly "closed up shop" since the January 10 staff changes, but that the team priority is finding replacements for Lionel Hollins and Billy King, not a trade partner for Joe Johnson.  There is, he reports, "no urgency."

The Brooklyn Nets have blown up their front office and coaching staff, which has put the organization in a little bit of a chaotic state. League sources say that the Nets have not closed up shop, but that they are not overly active on the trade front either.

As most pundits have reported, the Nets would likely have to take on salary to dump Johnson and that's not something the organization is interested in doing. Kyler also notes that while Frank Zanin is the general manager for the moment, key decisions are being made not in East Rutherford, but in Moscow and Brooklyn.

Nets assistant general manager Frank Zanin is running the trade deadline in an external way; he is clearing deals through team CEO Brett Yormark and the chairman of the board Dmitry Razumov, so while there is not a GM in place, business is continuing.

Johnson's trade value has of course increased in January as he puts up numbers more in line with his production the last two years, not the two months prior to January.  There may very well be suitors between now and February 18 at 3 p.m., but apparently not much interest on the Nets side.