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The Hex Is On: Nets to give out Mr. Whammy foam fingers

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Brooklyn Nets

When the first Cleveland Cavalier takes a free throw Wednesday at Barclays Center, expect him to be met by a sea of Mr. Whammy's. The Nets are giving out thousands of foam fingers crossed in the same hex sign Mr. Whammy has used for years against opposing team free-throw shooters.

Sponsored by JetBlue, the Nets official airline, the foam fingers will honor Mr. Whammy, aka Bruce Reznick, the Brooklyn lawyer who's been among the team's most loyal fans and season ticket holders.  The choice of the game is significant.  Mr. Whammy accused LeBron James of having him removed from his traditional spot the last time the Cavs were in town.

Now, Mr. James is angry. His Cavaliers were destroyed by the Warriors on Monday by 34 points, the worst loss any LeBron team has experienced.  So here's what we're looking at Wednesday. LeBron James is angry. LeBon James doesn't like Mr. Whammy.  Mr. Whammy doesn't like LeBron James. The Nets are honoring Mr. Whammy.  What could possibly go wrong?!