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Pundits like Nets moves, take mercy on power rankings

Al Bello/Getty Images

Pundits seem to be incorporating the Nets "staff changes" in their power rankings this week.  Despite winning one game and losing three, the Nets for the most part stayed where they were last weekend when Billy King was "reassigned" and Lionel Hollins was dumped.

Here they are. (We will continue to humor Yahoo! Sports which ranks teams by how interesting they are.)

John Schuhmann, (27)

The Nets saw some offensive improvement in their first week under coach Tony Brown, but it was mostly from his new starting lineup, which was a plus-19 over their last three games. All other lineups were a minus-53 and the Nets had a couple of rough second halves against Portland and Atlanta. As it has been all year, the bench has been terrible, but you get what you pay for and the Nets went to the bargain bin to stay under the tax line.

Marc Stein, ESPN (26)

How badly did the Nets need that win over the Melo-less Knicks? Beyond the obvious benefit of diverting the Gotham tabloids from days of unflattering headlines for Mikhail Prokhorov in the wake of the twin ousters of Lionel Hollins and Billy King, it enabled Brooklyn to halt a run of three successive home defeats in which it couldn't find a way to score even 80 points.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports (29)

My favorite running storyline this season is watching Celtics fans freak out over every random Nets win. Every now and again they sneak up and bite a team from behind, like the win over the Knicks, because they are *just* good enough to irritate Boston.

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports (27)

Owner Mikhail Prokhorov sounds like a guy thinking short term fixes can turn this franchise around sooner rather than doing it via a slower rebuild. If so, if the new GM can’t convince him otherwise, I will pity Nets fans. On the court, their new starting five of Donald Sloan, Wayne Ellington, Joe Johnson, Thaddeus Young, and Brook Lopez has played fairly well together.

Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated (28)

What a mess. To be fair, we knew the Nets had their hands tied in the draft and lacked major pieces for the future. The real question now is whether they’ll become sellers by the deadline as ownership attempts to revive a mostly-gutted franchise.

Tim Bontemps, Washington Post (29)

The Nets might not be good, but how much fun is Brook Lopez?

Brook Lopez played Double Dare—and lost. SLIME TIME! (via @BrooklynNets)

— SB Nation (@SBNation) January 16, 2016

Eric Freeman, Yahoo! Sports (30)

Congratulations to Brooklyn on its "Best Picture" nomination. It probably doesn't stand a chance to win, but at least it'll get more people to see the movie. Expect big things from Saoirse Ronan in the future.

Also on Monday,  an ESPN Insider panel ranked each Eastern Conference team's first half. Written by Chad Ford, the analysis ranked the Nets dead last, but Ford, always a a critic of King, saw some hope and game Brooklyn a C.

"The Jan. 10 decision to reassign general manager Billy King and dismiss coach Lionel Hollins represented a new start. If the Nets can find a great executive and a talented, patient new coach, they can start to turn it around ... Because of the steps in what we can hope is the right direction, this season is no longer the complete failure it appeared to be."