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Could Nets and Knicks compete for Mike Conley Jr. this summer?

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Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Berman and Fred Kerber reported before Saturday night's Knick-Grizzlies game that Mike Conley Jr could the object of affection for both the Knicks and Nets next season.  Both could use a point guard.

Conley didn't play Saturday night, out with a a strained left Achilles, but the 6'2" speedster is seen by both clubs as a great off-season addition. His value will be enhanced by the simple fact that there aren't going to be many good point guards on the market this summer. But he appears happy in Memphis who can offer him more money.

The Nets interest has long been known.  The team did have a big advantage in wooing him, other than all that cap space. Conley loved playing for Lionel Hollins in Memphis and on more than occasion referred to Hollins as his second father. That advantage obviously no longer exists.

Derek Fisher let it be known Friday how much he likes Conley's game and the two have some similiarities as Berman and Kerber write, "Like Fisher, Conley is from Arkansas. Like Fisher was, Conley is a left-handed point, which the Knicks coach considers an edge. (Conley does non-basketball things right-handed.)"

Who else might fit the Nets and Knicks bill?  Rajon Rondo will be an unrestricted free agent after signing a one-year deal in Sacramento.  Brandon Jennings, now stuck behind Reggie Jackson in Detroit and coming up a ruptured achille, is unrestricted as well. Greivis Vasquez, now toiling in Milwaukee, is also available. Jeremy Lin has a player option in Charlotte. There's even Conley's back-up, Mario Chalmers. The Lakers' Jordan Clarkson? He's restricted meaning L.A. could match any offer.