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Is Bryan Colangelo the guy for the Nets job?

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Fred Kerber writes Sunday that the Nets are being thorough in their search for Billy King's replacement ... but the one name is being mentioned more and more is that of Bryan Colangelo. As Kerber writes, "Colangelo, 50, has the experience and has rebuilt teams before," citing a one-year 33-win jump with the Suns and a 20-win jump with the Raptors.

No one is yet saying he's the one but Kerber notes that how Colangelo did what he did, with bold moves in Phoenix and a more conventional rebuild in Toronto.

He presided over Phoenix rising from 29 wins in 2003-04 to a 62-victory power the following season, largely through the trade of Stephon Marbury to the Knicks. With the saved cap space, Colangelo signed Steve Nash ...

With Toronto, Colangelo oversaw the rise of the Raptors from a 27-win team in 2005-06 to Atlantic Division champs in 2006-07.

Despite that record --he won Executive of the Year for both those jobs-- it won't be easy if he gets the job.  As Kerber quotes "one opposing executive," the Nets are in a bad place. "Whoever gets [the Nets’ GM job] has a horrible chore ahead of him. For the next three years, they’ll be holding on for dear life."

Colangelo offers the Nets' credibility with fans as well as the league, considering his background -- and that of his father, Jerry, who runs Team USA and was hired as chairman of basketball operations by the Sixers last month.  And the Nets need that credibility ... for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is financial. If, as he has said, Prokhorov wants to sell a piece of the Nets, it would better to have a stable management in place sooner rather than later.