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Andy Vasquez: No one liked Lionel Hollins

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As we reported Wednesday night, Thaddeus Young made not-so-veiled criticisms of Lionel Hollins after the Knicks game, praising Tony Brown, principally by going after his predecessor ... without naming him.  In the days after, other beat writers have quoted Young's comments and added a few from others who echoed Young.

Now, Andy Vasquez takes things further with a withering assessment of Hollins relationship with his team.

Several sources around the team couldn’t name a single Nets player who liked Hollins.

The problem wasn’t with his system or game plan. It was mostly with Hollins’ personality. Many players thought the coach was condescending, and had difficulty respecting him because of it.

Players who talked back to Hollins, even once, were subjected to long stays in his doghouse.

In public, Hollins blamed his players and seldom took responsibility for his team’s problems.

Vasquez also notes Hollins disdain was plenty evident to anyone who watched the Nets on YES.

He became an almost comedic fixture on Nets’ broadcasts. After a bad turnover, or silly shot, viewers could count on seeing the coach putting his hands over his face, glaring off into the distance, or staring up at the ceiling in despair.

The theatrics seemed to increase as the game went on. And in close games, where the Nets have struggled, it couldn’t have inspired confidence in the players ...

Brown has said he wants his Nets to have more fun. They already are. We’ll see if it translates into more wins.

Insiders say that while Mikhail Prokhorov, never much of a fan of Hollins, and Dmitry Razumov could forgive Billy King for the failed trades and lost draft picks, his hiring of Hollins really disturbed them.  That in fact may have led to his demise as well as Hollins.