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Ethan Hawke - Actor, Director, Nets fan!!

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Brooklyn Nets

Here's to Ethan Hawke, star of stage, screen and the Barclays Center.  At a time when the Nets are not doing well (we are being ever so kind) and in crisis (big time), Hawke was at the Knicks game and amid a sea of orange and blue, ripped open his shirt on TV to reveal a Nets t-shirt.

Bless you, Ethan Hawke!

Hawke's transition from Knick fan to Nets fan is somewhat well known.

As the Daily News reports Friday, shortly after the Nets moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn in 2012, Hawke told Jimmy Fallon that his household was torn between New York’s two home teams.

"The truth is that my son and I are both . . . I’ve been a lifelong Knicks fan, but I was a little upset last year with the whole Jeremy Lin thing," he said during a "Tonight Show" appearance at the time. "Now, we got Jay Z over there, who’s bringing it to Brooklyn. The stadium looks great. My son has already gone to Brooklyn. He wants the Nets."

Then, Hawke moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn and die was cast.  Of course, he didn't have to be so demonstrative the other night. He could have just sat with the other celebrities and do that celebrity wave --you know the one, hand never rising above face level.  Nope, he showed his Brooklyn stuff.

The Nets of course believe he borrowed the move from Markel Brown.

Works for us